On the southern slopes of the Starpeaks. east of the Trumpet Mountains, stands the once mighty community of Daskaran. Long ago Daskaran was a vital trade center, but a disastrous fire swept through the city reducing most of it to rubble. With few supplies left to enable them to survive the winter, the locals decended the foothills to winter in the south. They never returned. Three centuries later Daskaran still hasn’t recovered—old stone buildings. many scorched still, line the neat roads. shadowed by the white-needled pines blanketing the hills. large temples dedicated to Dol Arrah and the Silver Flame flank a courtyard dominated by a statue of Tira Miron astride a horse with sword raised. As the sun marches across the heavens, the shadow cast from the sword marks the hours of the day.

Population Approx 4500

Government: Theocratic

Military: Small Garrison of Trained Soldiers, Stone City Wall, 2 Reinforced Gates

Commerce: Primarily merchant trade for traders heading into and out of the Starpeaks



Known Residents




Religious Affiliation

Church of the Silver Flame
Devotion Level – Above Average


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